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Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection

Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection (CLOR) was created in 1957 by a decree of Prime Minister with functions concerning the protection of state from radiation hazards.  We are research center with almost 50 years tradition and our activity is focused on protection of general population and occupationally exposed persons against the hazards of ionizing radiation.



The ARCADIA project has been conceived so as to provide a twofold support to the further development of nuclear research programs in the NMS, targeting two major areas included in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of SNETP: ESNII, through the support of the ALFRED project towards its realization in Romania, and NUGENIA, approaching remaining safety aspects of Gen III/III+ that could be built in Lithuania, Poland ,Czech Republic and Slovenia.

On one hand, it focuses on the identification of the primary needs for the ALFRED project, mainly to what concerns E&T, supporting Infrastructures and Regulatory aspects (and integrating – for the R&D needs – the outcomes of other research projects in a common frame of National and Regional needs); on the other hand, it investigates the existing National and Regional supporting structures – with a particular attention to the ones in Romania and in all the participating New Member States – for defining a map of competences potentially eligible to satisfy the previously identified needs.

The entire work dedicated to ALFRED project will be performed within the frame of strategic orientations to be compiled for the ALFRED project, and with the scientific, technical and regulatory advising of the constituting provisional ALFRED consortium on one side, and of the Romanian Regulatory Body on the other side. Finally, Networking, Cooperation and Dissemination activities will provide the connection with the international scientific community, with the European institutional organizations and with the general public, for ensuring the soundness and palatability of both Gen III/III+ and ALFRED projects in general.



Radiation Protection Glossary

Comprehensive glossary and a Polish dictionary of English terminology used in nuclear physics, nuclear safety, safeguards, radiobiology and transport of radioactive materials.

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Central Laboratory for

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